We are alive.

We have initiated the landing sequence. Golden triumphant. Glowing miasma stream of pure possibility.

The studio is currently being gutted and cleaned, prepped for dinner by 4 star chefs. The dentist-office-green walls will be purified in luminous expansiveness. The unnecessary will be trimmed to make room for the uncanny. We are all very excited.

We hope to have our first exhibition in the beginning of April. It will feature 2D, 3D, and 4D art, sounds, and uncatogorizable experiences from the 4 core dilettantes of the space: Kara Joslyn, Travis Wyche, Curtis Tamm, and Bree Tye. Stay tuned for updates on this show.

In the meantime we will be working on amazing things in the space. Stop by and say “hey”and we will say “is for horses” and then you can say “straw is cheaper and grass is free” and then we will say “hippies can smoke it so why don’t we!” And then we can get high and make stuff. Yes.


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2 responses to “We are alive.

  1. babies mama dre

    this is absolutely thrilling!

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