Updates: getting to know us, the extroverted version

So, we are all busy little bees, getting the space together, planning, eating vegan food, staying alive in two thousand…uh…nine.

Here’s the details:

Curtis Tamm and collaborative studio-mate, Bree Tye will be participating/exhibiting in the Amoeba Music/De Young Museum Factory Party this Friday, March 6th.  Check it out here:   and here

Our pal, Billy Sprague aka Galena is all up in there as well.  Not to be missed.

You can check out the work of Travis Wyche by visiting his blog, Aporiphic Miasma.

Travis will be in hiatus next week to Chicago and LA doing grad school interviews – Kara, Bree and Curtis wish you a bon voyage into art academia land!

Kara Joslyn will making work in the studio from here on out – you can check out her recently updated website at www.karajoslyn.com and blog, Into the Void.  She will have work in the fundraiser auction for The LAb in SF on Sat., March 21st (check out the event here – seems accessible with bids starting $25 + Ed Ruscha?!  Rad.  Too bad that piece won’t be twenty-five bucks!  

Travis Wyche and Kara Joslyn both have a few drawings in the flat files, for a few months or so, at Michael Rosenthal Gallery 365 Valencia Street in SF.

In future news:

Art Shows at 4707 Telegraph!  Video viewings!  Immersive Environment art installations!  Paintings!  Gardens!  Glory.

Wanna tell us something cool, ask a question or talk about art? 4707telegraph@gmail.com

Wanna tell us to fuck off? 4707telegraph@gmail.com


First opening, Friday, April 3rd.


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