Upcoming visual events; phantasmagoric efflorescent snowflakes, new work by curtis tamm…

VIDEO INSTALLATION entitled, the folds of dura-mater; our membrane : we wrinkle, is now up in the Worth Ryder Gallery in Berkeley. (link to website: http://art.berkeley.edu/facilities/ryder.php)

the show will be up until the 10th of april, and I believe the gallery is open 12-4pm weekdays.

on the 4th at ABCO, Light-Works By The Efflorescence Of Dura-Mater (Curtis Tamm and Michael Compos-Quinn) will manifest a a visual environment for Billy Sprague’s sonic explorations of patterns, within improvised compositions, he calls Galena. This collaborative effort is a multi-media movement of visual sequences, seeking to create an associative knot, or floating necker cube, of  ambiguously phasing, pulses of geometry, forming into time, creating a full bodied perceptual experience. Among this, will be an evening of shifting static landscapes, attendance is  mandatory. 

VIDEO SCREENING of recently completed epithelial membrane, moment at the Pacific Film Archive Theatre, April 9th. (link: http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN17680)

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