Contemplating the Burlap Canyon…

Things have been a little crazy around the studio.

Bree Tye has left our midst, off to more sophisticated endeavors to be sure.

Curtis Tamm has recently finished another barrage of brain melting new films. He continues to work on cinematic installations in collaboration with various other experimental filmmakers and musicians.

Travis Wyche has been out of town (working an amazing job on an amazing organic farm!) and out of the loop by extension. His return to civilization has prompted an aporiphic miasma of new concepts and materials uses to flood into the localized psyche. He is also preparing to move to Chicago by the end of summer to attend the graduate program in painting (and certificate in art history, visual criticism, and critical theory) at the School of the Art Institute.

Kara Joslyn has been working diligently (as usual!) on a great series of new paintings and sculptural assemblages (including but not limited to various vase formations, crystal growth, iridescent nature forms, and some good ol’ psychedelic soft blended haze).

The group has been collectively mind melting-melding/brain storming/concept weathering and for all intensive purposes PLANNING and PREPARING for the construction of a fully immersive “cave, cavern, canyon” installation at the space, originally scheduled to open the 3rd or 4th weekend of June. However, financial times being as tough as they are (no money to get materials, but also no money in folks pockets to support the project) it looks as though we will be unable to manifest the cave.

It was going to be great! Oh well, worry not. Hopefully we will still be able to make good use of the space through the summer and still potentially have some public programming lined up… but more likely anything we have going on will be UUUUBER secretive and mysterious. So if you want to be invovled, to get more details about the artists in the space and their ideas, or if you just want to come hang out and drink beers while we encase mosses in acrylic resin blocks and airbrush cosmic sunrises, EMAIL US or just COME ON BY.

We don’t have regular hours. Duh. We’re artists. Should be someone working in there most nights.

Be well and enjoy the summer!

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