Mention of Current artist J. Fritz Michael and some important information.

J. Fritz Michael’s exhibition, This is How We Do It  = EXTENDED THRU JUNE 16th!!!!!!!!



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Two SF Artists Tackle HIV/AIDS Un-Awareness

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J. Fritz Michael - People Have AiDS shirts in edition of 19

Two Bay Area artists, J. Fritz-Michael and Eric Stanley, have created a couple of socially relevant works to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS crisis. And yes, it’s still a crisis, people!

The country’s biggest AIDS health nonprofit, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (you might know its Out of the Closet thrift stores), has called California Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget cuts a “death warrant for AIDS patients.” Specifically, low-income patients in California who rely on low-cost or free care and drugs. Like, to live. Meanwhile, the just-released May revision of the state budget calls for an increase in prison spending.

Their work is called Necrocapital: AIDS in the Age of Surplus Value – literally, a chandelier made from hundreds of pill bottles – and will hang in the highly visible window of Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco’s Mission District from now through June.

I live in the area and pass by Necrocapital often, and it’s a total conversation-sparker – something any decent piece of political art should be. I’ve overheard some observers trying to guesstimate the number of bottles used in the piece’s construction, but more typically the comments focus on the issue at hand.

J. Fritz Michael’s exhibition as AS IS EX is EXTENDED THRU JUNE 16th!!!!!!!!


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