OPENING FRIDAY SEPT 2nd *THE BEAUTIFUL KIOSK* + *The Stick That Holds Up the Scarecrow* thru Oct. 2nd

“The Beautiful Kiosk.”
September 2nd – October 2nd
Reception Friday, September 2nd, 7-10 pm


Presents a new show curated by Brandon Drew Holmes.

By assessing and taking into consideration certain bold statements
that have been made throughout art history, Holmes attemps to
produce a dialogue focused on the art object and its functional
existence, while also acknowledging the presence and possibilities of
the current day gallery system.

Conclusions are not what the show is concerned with, but that space between
question and answer, the area which allows for experimentation and
fun, where nothing is wrong and everything could be right.

The kiosk
is a work of art that exists specifically to house other works of art.
It is an entity amongst itself. Inspired by a William Morris quote, the kiosk is rooted in shopping culture and the tradition of
traveling art show.

AS IS EX will host the project in its first iteration.

The show is not meant to ask or answer questions, but to display new works by:

Brianna Addams
Cathy Hong
Christine Wong Yap
Edmund White
Hunter Longe
Hye Park
James Sterling Pitt
Jason Benson
Joseph Dean
Keyona Tyler
Liesa Lietzke
Maggie Foster
Marcella Faustini
Matt Kennedy
Natalia Gomez
Nathan Anderson
Phylis Wilson
Usman Maroof
Xavier Wood

Embracing the “curator as artist” label, Holmes has initiated a
collaboration with the shows artist on the production of the kiosks
wares. By constructing, contributing to and curating the show Holmes
has activated the kiosk as it’s centerpiece, that functions as neither
sculpture nor a shoppe, while the objects contained within exist as
not only desired commodities, but functioning necessities.

This will be the second show that Brandon Drew Holmes has curated at AS IS
EXHIBITIONS and can be considered the follow-up to that previous show.

“The uncertain nature of art is not without it’s advantages. It leads
to experiments and constant questioning.” -Harold Rosenberg

Also note on display will be a new work by Mark Benson, “The Stick
That Holds Up the Scarecrow”, this is Benson’s first solo project
post MFA


The Stick That Holds Up the Scarecrow
September 2nd – October 2nd
Reception Friday, September 2nd, 7-10 pm

AS IS EXHIBITIONS is proud to present Mark Benson’s first solo project
post MFA, curated by Brandon Drew Holmes, “The Stick That Holds Up the
Scarecrow”. Consisting of a window installation that doubles as an
installed gallery piece, Benson’s work will showcase and spotlight the
stability of presentation while elaborating on the relationship
between shopper and their desired object. By acknowledging the
unintended and circumstantial in an evaluation of an environment’s
daily life and structure, the work intends to reveal that believing in
that which supports something else is as crucial to their relationship
as what it is supporting. Benson and Holmes maintain that one can’t
turn something into the thing it currently exists as, but simply
rotate the tools in which it uses to function, allowing another
possible role to emerge. In questioning the support system once it’s
focus has been removed they hope to establish that the support itself
has ultimately always been on par with it’s counterpart.

“Where an art object is still present it becomes an “anxious object”,
not knowing whether it is a masterpiece or junk.” -Harold Rosenberg
Benson’s opening night will also mark the unveiling of the kiosk in
it’s first physical form.

AS IS EXHIBITIONS is a 12×12 sq ft exhibition space with back-of-house
artist studios, which was founded in 2009. Previously functioning under
the name 4707 TELEGRAPH, the storefront has a history of housing the
practices of many artists. While presenting some with an opportunity
to have their first solo show, the space generally offers solo and two-person shows to those who are without gallery
representation. In her role as Director of the space, Kara Joslyn’s
goal is to support Bay Area artists, curators and enthusiasts by
installing itself within Oakland’s burgeoning art community.

4707 Telegraph AVE.
Oakland, CA
Saturday’s 12:00 – 4pm & by appointment

Director, Kara Joslyn //
Curator, Brandon Drew Holmes // 415-359-8305 //



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